Saturday, December 26, 2015

Bolt Action Modern Army Lists

As promised I've finally written down the unit statistics I've been using in a "proper" Bolt Action army list format.  I've focused on the troops and vehicles I have in my collection but you can certainly very easily add to the army lists using the vehicles covered here as a template.

I've created four separate army list files (click the links below to download):

NOTE:  Version 3.1 rules and army lists are available HERE (rules) and HERE (army lists).
  • United States Marine Corps (USMC)
  • United States Army
  • British Army
  • Iraqi Army, Republican Guard & Insurgents

Hopefully the above lists get you started.  I did have a request via email to provide statistics for the Canadian/German Leopard 2A6 and the Russian T-90 and BMP-3.  You can find those units below.

Leopard 2A6 MBT
Morale:  Regular
Damage Value: 11+ (super-heavy tank)
Main: Super-heavy AT gun
Secondary:  1 x MMG (coaxial), 1 x MMG (pintle-mounted)
Special:  Advanced Amour, Fire Control System, Advanced Ammunition, Advanced Optics
Optional:  Slat Armour

T-90 MBT
Morale:  Regular
Damage Value: 11+ (super-heavy tank)
Main: Super-heavy AT gun
Secondary:  1 x MMG (coaxial), 1 x HMG (pintle-mounted)
Special:  Fire Control System, Advanced Ammunition, Advanced Optics, Reactive Armour

Morale:  Regular
Damage Value: 8+ (light tank)
Main: Light AT gun
Secondary:  1 x Automatic Cannon (coaxial), 1 x MMG (coaxial), 2 x MMG (forward facing hull-mounted)
Special:  Fire Control System, Advanced Optics


  1. Replies
    1. Excellent, doing Ukraine or some other conflict? :-)

    2. Maybe, two are painted up a a basic green pattern. But debating on doing the third up the same or in desert colors.
      Might just keep it green so that I can have a full platoon.

    3. Oh and are you guys working on a Russian TO&E and or European/western insurgents?

    4. Funny you ask, a few people have requested the same. I have a Russian one I'm working up (since we are also going to do a hypothetical US-Russian engagement in eastern Europe as well). I'll be posting that up with a v1.4 update for the main rules (should be later this week I think).

  2. Hi Jay.

    Are the rules out for hypothetical US-Russian engagement?
    Also any chance of knocking something up for the Falklands War?


    1. Hello - yes, they can work for that. In fact, one of my group is doing exactly that - building the forces now, will be playing in April/May (battle reports will be posted). I'll be posting a Russian army list very soon.

      For the Falklands War - certainly doable. I'm not nearly as "read up" on the war as I need to be in order to properly rate the troops and build the army lists. The core rules certainly would work ... it all comes down to the army lists. Although a "symmetrical" conflict I've always been under the impression that the Argentinians are sub-standard troops - but maybe not so bad as to rate them inexperienced?

    2. Really depends on the engagement and troops. The invasion force of commandos and Marines where pretty decent troops. But most of them where pulled from the main islands before the task forced showed up to take the island back. Leavening mostly conscripts to hold the line. Some thing they where un able to do.
      Poorly lead, with lots of their commanders staying at HQ. And supported, they did the best they could.
      If they had a few more motivated commanders on the ground, the British might not have blooded a little more.
      The Air War was where the Argentina's might have actually won the conflict.

    3. Interesting. At the end of the day it has to be decided if the war is symmetrical or asymmetrical (are both sides essentially similar enough to call it symmetrical ... or are they different enough to call it asymmetrical). Based on what you just described I might call is symmetrical and just imbalance the lists a little in favor of the British.

    4. Then it just comes down to balancing scenario force selection (super easy, right!) :-)

    5. The campaign and battles make for interesting and quick reads.

    6. Any specific book recommendations? ;-)

  3. Amazing resource. been looking at BA for modern for a while.
    Thank you for putting the time and effort in for us.