Sunday, December 27, 2015

Modern Scatter Terrain

I've been working away on my modern scatter terrain.  I've had to look all over the place for various items so I thought I'd save you the trouble of finding it and post both pictures and links to the sellers here in this post.

Construction Pallets
Made by:  WARSENAL

Soda Machines
Made by:  Armorcast
Available on Ebay from "terraform-terrain"

Large Tires
Made by:  Kromlech

Damaged Jersey Barriers
Made by: Secret Weapon

Dumpster & Trash Pile
Made by:  Armorcast
Available on Ebay from "terraform-terrain"

(still painting the other two that
come in the pack)
Made by:  Armorcast
Available on Ebay from "terraform-terrain"

Oil Drums
Made by:  Pegasus Hobbies

Trash Cans
Made by:  Plasticraft Games
(Made for Malifaux and called the "Suburb Props"
set, you can buy it from The Warstore)

I liked this set so much I bought a bunch to
put around - can't have too much trash!

This stuff also works for a bunch of other settings as well ... such as post-apocalyptic/zombies.


  1. They look nice. How do you like the oil drums from Pegasus? I've never ordered anything from them before, but I have a shipment in the mail containing their pre-painted river. I'm hoping it will work well for me.

    1. Honestly, I have mixed feelings. You'll likely want to do some finishing work on their rivers. The oil drums are one of their best sets for pre-painted ... although I do have some raw resin stuff to replace them with when I get around to it. It all depends on how picky you are about your terrain ... I'm fairly picky so lots of little things bother me ;-)

  2. Hi Jay, just came across these drums - how tall are they, and how many do you get in a pack? I checked the Pegasus site but it doesnt give any info.. thanks!