Monday, July 18, 2016

28mm Modern Russian Infantry

Just finished basing my modern Russian infantry platoon.  Special thanks to Steve Dake for turning these guys around quickly.  Russian vehicles are in progress and should be done in a couple of weeks - which will give me lots of Russians to play with.

If you are curious as to the colors here --- the Russians do use digital camo, however - the greens used wash out easily with even a moderate level of wear.  There is a little brown, but there is so little that it washes out even more than the green!

Case in point:

Although the Russians use digital camo, at even a
modest distance and with a little wear it washes
out the digital pattern, essentially leaving the
uniform looking plain green.

I'm very pleased with the result here.  The platoon consists of 36 figures:

1 x Officer (2 figures)
3 x Infantry sections (9 figures each)
1 x Heavy AT Team (RPG-30, 2 figures)
1 x MMG Team (3 figures)
1 x Sniper Team (2 figures)

Pictures below.  I use a lot of light when I take my pictures - and I also pump up the brightness in my post-picture taking photo touch ups ... hence the green looks brighter than it actually is in person.

Painted By:  Steve Dake


MMG Team

RPG-30 Team

Sniper Team

1st Section - Maneuver Team

1st Section - Fireteam

2nd Section - Maneuver Team

2nd Section - Fireteam

3rd Section - Maneuver Team

3rd Section - Fireteam

So not a bad start here.  When combined with the armoured vehicles this is a force to be feared.  I'm in the process of finishing the assembly of the French vehicles and the French infantry is also sitting with Steve Dake for painting - so that should be done in the next couple of weeks as well (French vehicles will take a little longer, they'll be next after the Russian vehicles are finished).


  1. Outstanding as always.
    Mine are on the way and some proper PLA this time.

    1. Thanks - Steve is a machine! Looking forward to seeing your PLA in action :-)

  2. Great work, they look like they would really pop on the table

    1. Agree --- they'll look great on the tabletop :-)

  3. They looks amazing. Steve made a great job! I also have a question, who made those figures?

    1. Hello - all figures are from Empress Miniatures :-)

  4. Those Russians look awesome Steve did an awesome job.

  5. Excellent many Russians did he end up painting for you??

    1. 36, a platoon with support. That is the size of games we are playing on a 6x8 (with a healthy amount of armour as well) :-)

  6. Very nice indeed! Can't wait to purchase some Russians from Empress, I have all their insurgents and some US infantry converted for my fictional Arab country

    1. You can't beat Empress... best modern miniatures out there. :-)