Friday, July 15, 2016

This Hallowed Ground ACW Game

I plan to run an ACW game at PacifiCon in September which means I need to get some ACW specific terrain painted up/done.  In order to motivate myself I got together with Roy Scaife and we put out the three brigades per side for the Union and Confederate armies and played a meeting engagement.

I'm in the process of "fixing" my Union flags ... the US flag should be located on the right side of the flag party --- my initial units I have it on the left ... as I work through a bunch of basing I have in progress I'm swapping the incorrect units.

The buildings and fencing are not complete - I need to paint them up.

Regardless of the "incomplete" items, I still think the game looked good and although I didn't intend to post pictures, I figured I'd share anyways.

We've fleshed out the ACW rules nicely by updating them with what we've learned from our Napoleonic variant (Empires At War) that we've now played many times.  Of course, the Napoleonic variant is very different from a unit/national perspective, but the core system is similar.  The ACW rules are "simpler" (no forming of squares and similar that are specific to the Napoloenic era).

Anywho ... for what it's worth ... lots of WIP, but pics below.  Game result was a Confederate victory.

The ACW collection is coming along nicely.  I have casualties and Berdan's Sharpeshooters getting done as well.  I plan to run three Gettysbury related scenarios eventually (first day/Buford's stand and arrival of Reynolds, little round top, and Pickett's charge).

In fact, I'm working on the Pickett's Charge scenario right now ... as that is the scenario I'll be playing at PacifiCon.


  1. Exellent looking game !!!

    Really like the look of the terrain!!!

    1. Thanks! Will be better when I get the terrain painted/finished :-)

  2. Brilliant! I especially like how your "incomplete" boards looks 100 times better than most completed boards :)

    1. lol ... thanks! Enjoying Historicon I see :-)

  3. Beautiful stuff Jay,

    ...inspiring ;-)

    Question for you - do you think, have you considered, that an adaptation of a Bolt Action style game could be done to produce a mass skirmish game system for periods such as the Civil War?

    You’ve blended a few interesting concepts into Hallowed Ground and thought that maybe a skirmish game ala Muskets & Tomahawks but aimed more at the pure military style clashes could be an interesting idea. i.e. a company of infantry (60-90 figs) with units running around as squads. I’ve adapted M&T to the civl war but it doesn’t feel right for pure blue v grey clashes (good for raids on towns though).

    I noticed in the Bolt Action second edition release they have a concept of a combined order

    "Officers activate other units! Used cleverly, this creates a huge tactical shift as you can order multiple units to fire or advance in concert.”

    This could be the kind of rule to get an officer to push around multiple squads for a game deputing squads, platoon organisations in the 19th century.

    Anyway, I wondered if the thought had crossed your mind as your Hallowed Ground rules look very comprehensive and that you might the looking at the ‘ big skirmish’ as well as the ‘battle game'…are you still developing Hallowed Ground?


    Happy Wanderer

    1. Hello there! Yes, I'm still working on THG. Also, I have Empires at War for my Napoleonics games used tbe same core system.

      I've not been looking at a large skirmish game for ACW, mostly because I have all my figures and stuff based for mass battle games. I tend to stick to one rule set/type of game per period, well, just because I have so many periods that I play.

      Between the modern Bolt Action rules, This Hallowed Ground, and Empires at War, I've got a good set of rules going that I've been able to iterate on a few times each now. With the core rules working, I'd like to expand on the resources for the games, such as QRS sheets, scenarios, videos of how to play, etc.

      Have you been using THG? Curious, I have really no clue if anyone is using the stuff I write down :-)

  4. Hey Jay,

    Haven't tried out THG...just got may hands on it. But I like many elements of it and am going to have a go.
    I think doing a few videos woudl be a good idea - you have some of the best miniature collections out there and the entire package is a sight to see.

    I liked your M&T videos and some supporting your own game would give it greater visbility...particularly as the game is very approachable…definitely do a series of 5-10 minute videos…explaining concepts and how the game plays.

    When I do I'll post on my blog ;-)


    Happy W

    1. Awesome, sounds like a plan. Been meaning to get my video camera out anyways :-)

    2. Oh, and many thanks for the kind words!!