Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Helm's Deep Project Update #3

My plaster supply is all but gone at the moment ... I have about 1 cup left.  That is 25 pounds of plaster so far.  I will say there is a goodly chunk of waste that comes along with casting ... I've gotten much better but my initial casting was not very efficient.

I have 10 pounds of plaster on order ... and it says it should be delivered today.

My effort this round has been on catching up the side outer wall and tower to the "floor" height of the ramparts.  I also finished up the interior of the door through the side wall and added the door between the interior hallway and center of the Hornburg.  I got the stairs done and floor for the center Hornburg and I'm slowly building up the interior wall.

I'll be finishing up the floor for the hallway and stairs leading up to the entrance to the center part.  Once the flooring is complete I can start building up the interior wall higher ... much higher now and it will make it a little more difficult to do the floor.

The good news in my big fat hands can easily reach into the hallway.

I'll be starting into the floor of the ramparts when the new plaster arrives and building up the rear tower ... that should be done in the next update if all goes to plan ... ha!

Put out a Perry Miniatures ACW figure so you can
get an idea of the scale ...

Starting to take better form now ... stay tuned for more updates!


  1. Sorry, still picking my jaw up off the floor!!!
    Absolutely amazing stuff Jay!!

    *and I want you to know I've cursed your name many a time in the last few days because seeing what you're doing, you've got me to look into my box of LOTR figures I haven't opened in years and also looking on Ebay for lot deals - MUST FOCUS ON CURRENT PROJECTS!*

    1. Thanks Ivor!! LOL!!!! Look deep into the box ... note that Ebay prices in many cases are higher than the GW prices ... but still some good deals out there. I figured it is time to do it before GW discontinues the range again.

      If you want to know just how bad I've been this year ... I did just order 5 x Mamuk's (the Oliphants) from GW ... for a Rohan riders charge against them outside the gates of Minas Tirth (although will just be an open field ... not special modelling, just miniatures). I need help ... painting help ... lol!!

      I love his hobby!

  2. Awesome job as usual Jay! I live vicariously thru your many projects!! Just an fyi, joint compound makes a great filler for the light peeping thru some of the joins where different castings connect. You can water it down well enough to "mud" it in with a finger.

    1. Thanks Chris!! I do love my wallboard joint compound .. will be filling holes a little later :-)

  3. Stunning fortress.
    and interesting to build...

  4. Most impressive, Jay! I do think the fluid levels in those bottles in the background has gone down a wee bit... not that you wouldn't be entitled, mind you! :-)

    1. Thanks! Lol, the flyid levels have gone down a bit ... gotta watch out for crooked walls ;-)