Sunday, February 16, 2020

Vicksburg & CabinCon

I've just returned from a successful CabinCon and I have to say I had a great weekend of wargaming with some spectacular people!  I'll cover all the miniature games we played this past weekend in this post, but will initially focus on my Vicksburg game that I've been so focused on since September.

Apologies - this is along/picture heavy post.  The games covered in order are:

1. Vicksburg (28mm ACW)
2. Tiny Triremes (Ancient Naval Warfare)
3. Breaking Lances (54mm Knights)
4. French Foreign Legion in the Desert (28mm Colonial)
5. Miki Maus (28mm WW2 Bolt Action)

Vicksburg (ACW)

Saturday morning I woke up early and got to setting things up for the first time.  This was primarily a play test of the scenario to see were I need to make small tweaks for balance before running this game at KublaCon in May.

The boys all gathered together at the start of the game.

Pictures up first from my SLR camera with my zoom lens ...

Below are the pictures from my phone camera ...

The game went very well and I just need to make a few tweaks to the scenario rules and it is done.  I'll be writing up the final scenario and order of battle in a separate post.

I have some small brass telescopes I picked up from Amazon.  They are great for giving you a real feel for being in the game.

We figured out that you can use these with your phone if you position the telescope just right and set a persistent focus point to the area you can see.  Took some pictures using this method and the results are below ... kind of a neat and different way to see the games ...

Tiny Triremes

Thomas Foss treated us all to a play test of his new game he is designing called Tiny Triremes.  As is common with Thomas's games, this is fast paced, deadly, and a ton of fun!  Each ship holds dice that represent crew and hull points.  Ram, board, kill and capture!

Breaking Lances

Thomas Foss put on a Breaking Lances tournament.  This is a very faced paced and easy to learn game with beautiful looking 54mm knights.

French Foreign Legion in the Desert

Matt Hilzendrager ran his French Foreign Legion game.  I played on the Arab side running two units of cavalry that recycled.  I had a ton of fun and managed to finally get over the wall on the FFL left flank - opening the door for some infantry to break through and secure one of the three buildings (each building was an objective).

Bolt Action WW2 - Miki Maus

John Lantz ran his Miki Maus game.  This is late war when the Russians are closing in on Berlin.  They come across a secret German weapons facility and are surprised to find the beastly Maus ... all hell breaks loose!  The Russians did manage to finally destroy the Maus, but much carnage was had in the process.  This was the game that wrapped up our little mini con.

Wow, if you made it this far thanks for reading!


  1. As I said when we spoke on Saturday, just absolutely incredible! The table looked fantastic and the spyglass photos were brilliant 😀 Great stuff as usual!!!

    *John's game, Miki Maus 🤣🤣🤣 and I really liked the look of that FFL game*

    1. Thanks Ivor, was a fun weekend all around :-)

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks! Can't keep pace with all the amazing shed projects :-)

  3. Awesome gaming table! Incredible and fantastic! And everthing painted!

  4. What an absolute triumph, it looks amazing! You must be thrilled.

    1. Thanks! Very happy to be finished and was very satisfying to finally see it all set up :-)

  5. Your Vicksburg project looks excellent. Overall a great collection of games that weekend.

  6. Mike and I had a blast this weekend. Thanks to you and the guys for inviting us. See you at Kubla.

    1. It was great gaming with ya Ray! Glad that Mike and you could make it. KublaCon here we come :-)

  7. Jay, just wow! Words can not describe how wonderful your game looks. Those pictures are just amazing. There are shots that make if feel real. My head exploded, just wow. Well done sir, and you are lucky to have Steve as a painter. Just amazing eye candy.


    1. Heya Kevin - thanks! Head explosion is the best compliment ... lol! Yes, very lucky to have the most excellent Steve Dake to contribute his massive talents to my projects :-)