Wednesday, October 21, 2020

Middle Earth Battles: The (Beta) Rules

Well, here you go, the beta for my Middle Earth Battles rules.  After a very successful playtest last weekend I incorporated many updates and got the Rohan and Isengard army lists into a playable state.

You can download the rules in PDF format here (v1.6)

To be clear on a few things:

  • I'm sharing these so that other wargamers may enjoy them, but the primary purpose of these rules is to serve my own purposes with my group. They are a work of fan fiction and in no way meant to replace any official rules offered by Games Workshop.
  • I've only just started playtesting the rules.  While many elements are based on my Empires at War (Napoleonic's) and This Hallowed Ground (ACW) rules, this represents a major shift in the core game away from a "shooting focused" game system for horse and musket periods to a "melee" focused game that I intend to use for not just Middle Earth, but for other historical periods such as the 100 Years War and War of the Roses.
  • I'm absolutely all ears on any feedback you wish to provide, simply just pass it along.  Also happy to answer questions as time permits.  However, please do realize that I have a full time and very demanding job - so any "rules support" is strictly as time permits.

Finally, I'm not saying these are the best fit for everyone - they are very much written and presented for those who are experienced wargamers and have some background in historical wargame rules. If you are a Games Workshop pure-blood wargamer, these may not be for you.

I'm very focused here on mass battles - hence many granular aspects of the field of battle or units/heroes are intentionally abstracted into units/special rules.

Screenshots of the pages are below.  There are 10 total pages at the moment.  8 pages cover the rules and everything after is just army lists.

And that is it - hopefully you can find some enjoyment out of the rules.


  1. Can’t wait to give these the once over Jay. Thanks so much.

  2. Better than second breakfast 😀
    Thanks for sharing Jay!

  3. Downloaded! Thanks Jay!


  4. Thank You, I'm keen to give these a read and and try a game.
    Ian KH

    1. Excellent. Still a work in progress but quickly getting there.

  5. Hi quick question about anit impact. If an attacking unit causes 4 impact hits against an anti impact unit does the attacker take 2 and the defender take 2 OR does the attacker take 2 and the defender take 4?

    1. Hi, great question! In that case the attacker takes 2 and the defender takes 2. If they also Brace! the defender would take 0.