Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Liberty or Death! - Wargame Rules for the American Revolution (AWI)

I've called the rules I use for AWI "Liberty or Death!" and these rules have worked out really great so far in my AWI games. I'm calling this the final version.  This ruleset also allowed me to really polish off the core "horse and musket" types rules (AWI, Napoleonic's and ACW).  I have some updates/alignment to do on my other rule sets (Empires at War and This Hallowed Ground) as a result.  All great things that have really brought this system into the place I've always wanted it to be. 

I'm really at the point I want to do some "how to play" videos - which I may start/finish over the Christmas break (might take me a little longer, but some people have asked me for some videos). 

Screenshots of the pages below.  You can download the rules here.


  1. Great stuff Jay! I hope that you can get those play videos up that'd be fun to see. When was the last ones that you did - maybe the Muskets and Tomahawks videos?

    1. Thanks Ivor ... yes sir ee ... M&T videos ... lol ... a life time ago.

  2. Excellent work on your presentation of these rules Jay. How to videos are always useful (some more than others). I'm sure that yours will have excellent production characteristics.
    Regards, James

  3. A very professional finished product to add to all those other rulesets that you have produced.
    Wishing you all the best for 2021,