Sunday, May 9, 2021

WW2 1/1200 Naval Action

Roy Scaife has done a spectacular job getting his 1/1200 WW2 naval collection done.  He has fleets and ships for all the naval forces in WW2, along with 1/600 aircraft.

Roy developed a set of fast play rules called Dark Seas that are based off of Victory at Sea.  These rules play great.  The game below saw the first use of fighter wings in our games.  I love how Roy has based them in the V formations.

The larger scale (most WW2 naval is done with 1/2400) is really nice.  It brings out the detail in the ships and makes for a visually beautiful naval game.

Here are pictures from the first game we played ...

More gaming to come!


  1. Great looking game!
    Love the clouds. I assume that they blocked aerial spotting

  2. Wow he really put a lot of work to pull this off. It does look visually splendid. Multiplayer games I really believe need simple rules that help speed of play but give you that historical feel.