Saturday, May 8, 2021

WW2: New German Armour

One of my side projects I've had going on is to redo my German army for WW2.  I'm also adding Canadians to my collection.  21st Panzer, 12th SS, and the Canadians fought in Normandie and I've planned several scenarios around those engagements.

I'm also not very happy with my Warlord Games kits, so I've decided to use Rubicon Models as much as possible.  The excellent Erik Sims has been hard at work on this for me.  

Here is some progress so far ... first up the Rubicon kits ...

These Panzer IIIs are from Warlord Games ...
There are still Panzer IVs and more 251 halftracks to complete but it's getting close to done.  I need to get the SS figures done and new Heer figures as well.


  1. Looks like Mr. Sims is pretty rocking painting German armor, sir! Great minds think alike; I've picked up 3 Blitzkrieg Sextons to convert to kangaroo troop carriers for the Canadians, and the Canadian boxed Warlords set for, well, Canadians...

    1. Awesome! Rubicon is releasing a sexton/priest, so when they do I'll get those and convert them :-)

  2. Brilliant Jay! Really excited to possibly see the Sherbrooke Fusiliers in a game of yours 😀

  3. I swore off Warlord/Italieri models after the second one. Rubicon models are so for ahead of them, and they come with lots of options/variations. And, they look great on the table next to figures.