Tuesday, September 7, 2021

CabinCon - September Edition

Well, the group got together, with some out of town friends, this past weekend to once again power through a long weekend of gaming at the second CabinCon we've had this year.

We played through a number of miniature games and fun was had throughout the weekend.  I was mostly focused on playing this time around (or running games) and didn't get a lot of pictures unfortunately.  I did capture some, especially on Sunday when I got some time to get the "nice" camera out instead of snapping random pictures here and there with my phone camera.

Given the additional people in attendance, we ran 2 games at a time (simultaneously).  This made getting lots of pictures (when you are playing or hosting at the same time) difficult.

Well, enough of my rumbling, let's get to the games and pictures!

Orc Gaslands

The famous and most excellent Adam Clark was in attendance from Sweden.  He brought his "Orc Gaslands" game to host.  This uses the Gaslands Refueled rules, but is up-scaled to Warhammer 40k scale as it uses all Orc vehicles from the line.  This was the breakout hit for the weekend.  We all had an absolute blast playing this game (2 times).  Any game that gives me an excuse to "act like an Orc" for a few hours is excellent in my book!  Much carnage was had in both games.

By the end of the second game I was already ordering my own models and terrain to do this game.  Warning, major SQUIRREL event!

Mad Maximillian Racing

The man of gaming himself Mr. Thomas Foss ran his Mad Maximillian racing game at the same time as the Orc Gaslands game.  I played in this game - and got in the 2nd game that was run for the Orc Gaslands game - so I was able to play in both racing games.  Even though this one didn't have any Orcs driving, the carnage was just as high.  I ended up burning out on the 4th turn with my car in a wrecked state and unable to continue.  That was fine as two cars behind me had already rolling themselves off the track and exploded 2 turns prior.  That certainly thinned out the field, but it was too late for my poor blasted car by then.

The Lion and the Prophet - Sudan (Colonial)

Matt Hilzendrager hosted his "The Lion and the Prophet" game covering colonial Sudan. This used the "Men Who Would Be Kings" rules with some minor modifications.  The British center broke but the British left and right flanks held on to the end.

The first several pictures below are from my phone, but after that are all from my SLR camera and the best pictures I took all weekend.

Saint Vith (Bolt Action WW2)

Dan Kerrick hosted his game for Saint Vith using Bolt Action.  I didn't get a lot of pictures of his game, but it was a beautiful winter themed table with a lot of details.  I wish I was able to get more pictures from my SLR camera but I was busy over at the Sudan game at the same time.

Guilford Courthouse (AWI)

I hosted my AWI game for the battle of Guilford Courthouse.  I like this table because it was a great excuse to get a bunch of fall coloured terrain.  I had run this prior and posted on my blog so will no cover it in much detail here, but I did snap a few pictures while running it.

I took a short video of this game ... if you are looking at this on your phone you'll have to go to the bottom of this post and click "view websire version" in order to see the video.

One great thing about this weekend is my teenage son has really taken to wargaming.  He played in games throughout the weekend and did well.  Proud daddy moment here.

And on to the rest of the pictures ...

Quatre Bras (Napoleonic)

Roy Scaife hosted his Quatre Bras game using our Empires at War rules.  French pushed hard but ultimately it turned out to be a draw if memory serves (it is a bit fuzzy as I was hosting my AWI game during this same time).  This is another game we've run before so just a small number of pictures (more so because I was busy with AWI).


Fords of Isen (War of the Ring)

Just a couple of pictures here.  I ran this last time and have posted lots of pictures before of this game.  I hosted my Fords of Isen game that uses modified War of the Ring rules.  I ran this first thing Friday morning as may of our group would be arriving later in the afternoon on Friday.  This time Isengard was able to pull it off (Rohan won it last time).

And that is it.  Was great to get so many wargames all jammed into one weekend.  It certainly satisfied the wargaming itch.  More so, it was great to see several guys I've not seen for some time (even a while before the pandemic started).


  1. Fantastic pictures of what looks like a fantastic weekend. I really love that Sudan table.

    1. Thanks! Was a lot going on. Sudan table was very nice!

  2. Game in a big company is really great. I asuume “Act like an ork” should be the most fun;)

    1. Thanks Dmitry! Yes, "act like an orc" was the most fun - I knew I would not finish the race, my only objective was to use all my rockets and blow up at least one other car :-)

  3. some cracking looking games - well done

  4. As always it's a pleasure to see all the eye candy you post. Thanks so much for this, it's great to see what other gamers do with their tables.

    Oh on another note, I hate you so much (not really) for making me want to invest into Orc Gaslands, dude that's pretty sweet setup and orc thingy's.


    1. lol! Oh, I tried to resist ... but everything went fuzzy and by the time my eyesight came back I was looking at "your order is confirmed" messages on my phone :-)