Thursday, December 23, 2021

Orklands Refueled

At CabinCon last September the excellent Adam Clark brought his idea to town for Gaslands Refuelled using Ork 40k models and terrain.  We all had such a great time playing that I had already started ordering stuff before the end of that weekend.

I'm calling this Orklands Refuelled.

Fast forward to now.  I'd say I'm 95% complete what I want done for this project.  I hosted a game this past weekend with the group.

If you are curious about the rules - which are essentially the Gaslands Refuelled rules "orkified" ... you can download the QRS here.

I've used a magnetic chalkboard to keep track of the gear phases, vehicles, and what gear each player is in.

My terrain is mostly fom the Warhammer.40k Kill Team Orktarius set.  I have a butt load of 3D printed tire stacks and some additional 40k Ork terrain items.

Pictures below from the most recent game I hosted ...

The cars I have completed to date ... still need to assemble my massive Waaagh Rig and get it painted ...

If you haven't tried this game you are missing out.  Easy setup, very fun and play is straight forward/easy to teach.


  1. Fantastic! Wonderful terrain and painting; you can just about smell, the fuel, adrenalin and blood.😄

  2. Dude, as much as I am not a great lover of GW lately, I just might have to buy some of these. Thanks for the rules, they look cool.


    Are the STL's free for the tires and stuff you printed? I don't 3d print but my buddy has been practicing and might do them for me.

    1. Heya Kevin, happy new year!

      The tires I had Dan print off using his resin printer. The STLs I got from Adam Clark. Not sure where he got them but I've seen a bunch of free ones before on different sites.

  3. Incredible vehicles. A stupid question, where did you get the vehicles?

    1. Thanks! They are all available from Games Workshop. I had to get most from Ebay when I bought yhem, but GW has got them back in stock. Just look at thier Warhameer 40k models for the Orks.

  4. This looks amazing! Thanks for sharing the rules modifications. Quick question if I may: have you increased the size of the movement tokens because of the increase in scale, or does it work equally well with the existing sized tokens?