Monday, September 3, 2012

Welcome to my blog

Here we go --- another blog in the world!  In the past I've created custom websites to host pictures and such about my wargaming experiences but this seems like the easiest approach to take so here we go.  Currently I'm focused on wargaming the following periods in 28mm:

  • Napoleonic using Black Powder rules
  • French and Indian War using Muskets and Tomahawks rules
  • Dark ages using SAGA rules
  • This Quar's War using TQW rules
  • WWII naval (1/2400) using Victory At Sea rules
  • Napoleonic naval (1/1200) using Signal Close Quarters rules
  • WWI air combat (1/144) using Aerodrome rules
Like all wargamers I have several periods that I am working on:

  • WWII using Bolt Action rules
  • Zulu War - rules TBD
  • English Civil War using Pike and Shotte rules
  • Modern - rule TBD
That's about it for the moment ... making good progress on various fronts and looking to share updates and photos of my wargaming fun.  Thanks for reading!

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