Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Horus Hersey

I've been a little distracted by all this new Horus Hersey stuff coming out from Games Workshop.  I ended up with the core boxed set due to a YouTube giveaway (for one of the channels I follow).  How lucky!

But then I bought some more stuff ... oh boy!  I ended up wanting to paint these figures.  I've always liked the beak style of armour (known as beakies).  Funny enough, I *don't* like Warhammer 40k.  It's all just too overwhelming, too many factions, etc.  What's great about the Horus Hersey is it is much more straight forward - being a civil war.  

So, I decided to do the Imperial Fists for the loyalist legion and Sons of Horus for the traitor legion.  I always start with a test figure to get the colours and process down.  I was also excited to use the very new 2nd gen contrast paints from GW.  After four different experiments I finally finished the test figure ...

I'm happy with the final results here.  I usually do a very "clean" finish for my figures but in a rare deviation I decided to do some light weathering/battle damage.  I used a torn peice of sponge and GW Rhinox Hide to apply the damage.  Very easy to do.

Next up is to finish the first "test" figure for the Sons of Horus.  LOTR continues (in the background of the picture above).


  1. Looks great, Jay. Does this mean a new beakie army on the way? All my space marines are beakies too, with a multitude of conversions that would give spasms to traditional GW fans, lol

    1. Lol, going to be picking away at them. As you know, I'm a very slow painter ... hell, I would paint a couple of stages on this guy, then do a couple of LOTR bases, back and forth. Too many irons in the fire as they say. Lol on the spasims ... I'm sure, those hard core guys get bent out of shape quick fast!

  2. I need a young priest, and an old priest! The power of Christ compels you to leave JAY'S body NOW!!!!


    1. Bahahahahahah!!! I know, get a Heresy exorcism now! :-)