Sunday, September 4, 2022

PacifiCon Game Expo Report

The PacifiCon Game Expo has come and gone for me.  Our merry group headed there early Friday and got in some serious gaming.  We had a lot of fun through the whole weekend!

The primary game I hosted was for my War of the Ring revised rules.  This was a large game that was meant to really see how the revisions to WotR really stood up in a large battle with a lot of different troop types and capabilities.  The good news, it work REALLY well - I have some minor typos and cleanup do to but the result was very promising.

War of the Ring
I ran a scenario that involved a large Mordor force supported by Easterlings and Corsairs of Umbar.  Gondor and Rohan - supported by a large Gondor Fiefdoms forces, made up the good guys.  I had 4 players per side (8 players total) and the battle was an absolute bloodbath from turn 2 onwards.  I had planned for 6 turns, but we called it at the end of turn 5 (oh, the carnage!).

Pictures below of the action.  First set of pictures are from my fancy SLR camera, then pictures from my phone ...

WW2 Naval - Convoy Attack
Roy Scaife ran his new WW2 sub hunting game.  This is a special modification of his rules that are based on Victory at Sea.  This game was a ton of fun.  I played 1 of 3 escort groups which each consisted of a cruiser and 2 destroyers.  My  ruiser was sunk, but my destroyers did their jobs, sinking 2 U-boats.  In total we sunk 4 U-boats, but lost 3 convoy ships.

WW2 Bolt Action
John Lantz hosted a WW2 Bolt action game.  Germans had to assault a Russian Village occupied by light Russian forces and partizans.  I played a support group with some mortars and managed to rain down some excellent fire on the advancing Germans.

I managed to host a little unofficial Necromunda game just before heading home.  I wanted to refamiliarize myself with the rules.

Other Games
We played lots of board games.  I continue to love Foundations of Rome ... my playmat arrived since our last game.  The mat adds a lot of visual flavor to the games.

Matt Hilzendrager ran his beautiful Sudan game, and several other standard games occured throughout the weekend.

I snapped some pictures of other games going on as well ...

There you have it.  Another great weekend of gaming in the books.