Tuesday, May 28, 2024

KublaCon 2024

KublaCon 2024 has come and gone.  This is the "bay area's" (San Francisco bay area) largest convention and I have to say this year it was busting at the seams!  So many people!  I attend from Thursday afternoon through to Monday morning.  Usually Thursday is very quiet and Friday only gets busy in the evening.  Not this year - Thursday was happening - and Friday from the morning was busier than many Saturday's in the past.  Crazy but also great to see the convention growing.  A staff member mentioned that this year they would surpass 4,000 attendees.

Another great thing about this year was my international friends that made it over.  Adam Clark (Berlin, Germany), Andrew Thompson (Scotland), and Rob Bauman (Canada) all pictured above with almost the whole local crew (missing was Dan Kerrick and Oliver Heckman).  We kept meaning to take a picture of us all and only managed at the very last second.

Ok, enough of that - on to the games!  I admit I was very good about taking pictures of the "big games" and horrible the rest of the weekend.  Below you will find pictures of the large Warhammer: The Old World game I ran on Saturday.  I completely missed taking pictures during Roy Scaife's excellent Wolfpack game (I played a sub and sunk some major tonnage!).  Dan Kerrick ran a FIW game called Last of the Mohicans: Road to Fort William Henry.  Oliver and Adam ran a spectacular epic 40k game.

Side note:  If you want to see more pictures from KublaCon - I recommend checking out Kevin's blog here: https://kayswargamingblog.blogspot.com/2024/05/kublacon-2024.html.

Lots of pictures below ...

Warhammer: The Old World

This was a blood bath!  The "good guys" pulled it out on the last turn in a big swing through several close combats.  The turn before I was sure the "bad guys" had it in their favour.2

Battle Of Valorum Prime (Legions Imperialis Epic 40k)

Oliver Heckman and Adam Clark put on this spectacle.  I played Eldar who had to drop in via portals to secure relics and attempt to evacuate them off the field.  This was a large game using the Legions Imperalis rules - but with army lists that Oliver ported from Space Marine 2nd Edition to create those factions in the newer GW rules.  A large Orc force, Solar Aux, Ultramarines, Word Bearers, Dark Mechanicum, and Eldar forces all fought over the key objectives and relics that appeared throughout the battle.  The Ultramarines pulled off the victory, followed by the Eldar.  The Ultramarines really swung it by holding a key objective for several turns and dropping terminators in to storm, take and hold the Word Bearers drop ship.

"If It Bleeds, We Can Kill It!"

The Predator movie in miniature!  John Lantz put on this game and I had an absolutely blast playing it.  It started with the first part being the team clearing the local rebels out of the base that had the hostages.  The second part was pushing through the jungle getting stalked by the Predator, before the mad dash to "Get to the choppa!"

I played Billy and as such, refused to move further than 1/2 way across the log, sacrificing myself to give the others the time they needed to get away (well, to get a little further).

Last of the Mohicans: Road to Fort William Henry

Dan Kerrick ran this game using the Willey rules.  All had a great time playing out the characters from the movie.

Other Games

I was really bad of getting pictures of other games.  I snapped a few and they are included below.

What a great weekend all around.  I can't wait until next year!  Now, on to PacifiCon in September.


  1. Hey Jay, it's Kevin the Vietnam guy. Was great seeing you and your crew again. I also posted all my photos of Kubla on my blog as well


    1. Hey Kevin!! Awesome - was great to see you as well. Great game you ran - looking really good. Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

    2. I just added a link to your blog in the top of this post :-)

  2. Absolute zenith of table top gaming. Your crew would be right at home with those other table top gods at Hamburger Tactica! BRA-VO!!!

  3. Holy cats! That is some eye candy indeed! Sounds like a great time, and 4,000 people! Wowza! I went to Adepticon back in 2019 and it was like around 5,000 people. Just crazy. Now it's over 6,000 and they had to move the venue because it just keeps getting bigger.

    As always thanks for sharing your hobby.


    1. Thanks Kevin! It's been steadily growing. They already are taking 2 large hotels do pull it off. There is a third just down the street so I imagine it will eventually end up expanding into that one. I think these are some of the best pictures I've been able to get of the games we play.

  4. Some amazing looking games on display at that con - really fantastic work by you and the other hosts.