Sunday, May 19, 2024

Warhammer Old World Armies (Large Picture Dump)

Over the past several months the wargaming madness has been hard at work on finishing armies for Warhammer The Old World.  Next weekend (Memorial Day weekend in the US) I'm hosting a game called "The Battle of the Six Armies" at KublaCon 2024 in Burlingame, California.

I'm sharing a ton of pictures below that I've been taking with my phone (well, two different phones during this period).

First up, the beginnings of my High Elf army ... being used as a detachment in my game.

Next up are my Tomb Kings.  I've missed taking a picture of my Liche Priest on Bone Dragon for some reason ... will have to snap one of those ...

I have a butt load of Bretonnians.  The core army keeps to the same heraldry, with the exception of the Grail Knights who are a mix.  Hard to tell, but there are 4 units of Knight of the Realm, 2 units of Men-at-Arms, and not pictured I have Knights of the Realm on foot with sword and shield ... missed that unit somehow in the picture taking.

How about some Lizardmen?  Yup.  Not finished with these guys yet, but getting there.

And a quick side bar into the Dark Elves ... I have more done, just not based yet ... but here is the lord on his mighty Dragon ...

The Empire!  Likewise for these guys I have more being finished now - primarily the cavalry and characters.

Orcs and Goblins --- well, mostly Night Goblins.  I have a large host of Orcs that are in progress and will hopefully be done here in early June or so.

Stunties ... errrr ... Dwarves ... or Dwarfs if you are being technical with the GW spelling of it!  A nice little army that hits like a ton of mountain stone!

And the Skaven.  A large army of rat filth ready for slaughter!

I missed taking pictures of many more units that are done and I just don't know why I missed them ... I think I've just been heads down getting these are done/based that I've been a little disorganized around the hole thing.  By the end of the summer I should have all the armies finished and be able to do both better pictures and a post for each army to detail it a bit more.  I just wanted to get these pictures off my phone and up on my blog to store for future reference.

Anyways, on to KublaCon!


  1. Amazing! What size table do you plan on trying to squeeze this immense collection on for your scenario?😁

    1. Lol, jamming it into a 6 foot by 12 foot table :-)

  2. Utterly magnificent! It will be pageant on the table and a huge nostalgia wave for all the OG WFB players!!!

  3. Late to the party but WOW dude! That’s quite a beautiful collection you have there. As always lovely eye candy!